Our Adoption Timeline

January 27, 2011

  I have been asked by a few people about how our adoption process went, so I thought I would put up our timeline. From what I can gather from the internet, we've had a pretty unique experience.

9-22-10: Emailed the Central Adoption Agency of the Marshall Islands that we were interested in adopting.
9-23-10: CAA responded and set up a meeting on Sunday, October 17.
10-17-10: Meet with two Agency representatives for initial interview and questions. Cannot complete homestudy that day because we don't have the key to our new house yet. The ladies give us our paperwork and survey the outside of the house.
10-18-10: Contact lawyer, recieve list of paperwork that needs to be provided to him for the adoption
10-19 through 12-8-10: Compile paperwork required for adoption- some of it requested from the US, some applied for and recieved here.
12-9-10: Complete homestudy with the Agency representatives. Get matched with our daughter and see her photo for the first time.
1-17-11: Recieve formal adoption petition from the lawyer.
1-19-11: Have petition notarized and return to lawyer. Recieve a court date of 2-25-11.

Wow. From start to finish, our process will only have taken 5 months. That's a lot faster than we were expecting. and a lot faster than normal adoptions take. Again, our situation is unique in that we're residents of the Marshall Islands and are doing a residential adoption, rather than an international adoption. Once our daughter (it's still exciting to type that!) has lived with us for two years, we can apply for her naturalization to become a US citizen.

Baby Shower for Sky!

January 24, 2011

(removed at a later date)

The Baby Shower invites!

Sorry the picture is so small. We had to use email invites because the mail is so slow out here that the really cute paper invites my friends ordered haven't arrived yet.
The party will be on February 20th, on Roi-Namur in the Community Building at 11AM. We are registered at Target but feel free to shop anywhere you choose- the Target registry is just a guide. If you do choose to shop at Target.com, please be aware that some things on their website can't be shipped directly to PO Boxes. I've tried to identify as many of these as I can.

Adoption News: We have a court date!

  D and I got the news the other day: we have a court date on Majuro to finalize the adoption. We will be adopting our daughter on February 25. We are very, very excited (and very, very nervous)!
We fly to Majuro on Feb. 23rd. I will do my best to keep everyone in loop by posting regularly here on the website.
Love to All,

Some More House Photos

The highchair we bought for Sky
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