Speech Therapy Update

February 20, 2018

Earth, playing (and working hard) with his therapist

Half Marathon Training Week 6

February 18, 2018

Just finished my sixth week of training for the Tucson Women's Half Marathon!
Total distance this week: 26 miles
Longest single run: 10 miles
Weeks left before half marathon: 2

Rainy Day

February 16, 2018

 Someone's excited for a rainy day in Tucson!

Fire's 6th Birthday

February 13, 2018

Happy Birthday, Fire!  I can't believe you're six!  You've grown so much in the last year and we had so much fun celebrating the start of a new one with you!

Half Marathon Training Week 5

February 11, 2018

The fifth week of training for the Tucson Women's Half Marathon is in the bag!
Total distance this week: 25 miles
Longest single run: 9 miles
Weeks left before half marathon: 3
This sweet boy photo bombing my wrap-up photo is six today! Six years of loud, screaming love and many more to come!

Half Marathon Training Week 4

February 4, 2018

Just wrapped up my fourth week of training for the Tucson Women's Half Marathon!
Total distance this week: 21 miles
Longest single run: 8 miles
Weeks left before half marathon: 4

Life Lately, In Pictures

February 1, 2018

It's past time for a photo catch up!
Batman versus Superman, junior edition...

A Day in the Life

January 30, 2018

We are overdue for a "day in the life" post here!
 It has been really warm here lately so shorts and a sweater were the mom-uniform of the day

Half Marathon Update Week 3

January 28, 2018

Third week of training for the Tucson Women's Half Marathon finished!
Total distance this week: 20 miles
Longest single run: 7 miles
Weeks left before half marathon: 5

Honor Roll and Achievement Awards

January 26, 2018

Sky is killing it in school this year!  She loves her teacher and class mates and we haven't had any of the behavior issues we had last year.  Sky loves reading and has a great grasp of the math concepts she's learning in class.  She's also an awesome speller.
 This is the second time this year that Sky has made the honor roll and received an Achievement Award.  We're so proud of her and how hard she's working in school!


January 24, 2018

This boy needed a haircut and insisted that it be a mohwak!

Pacifier Weaning is Hard!

January 23, 2018

  We love our pacifiers around here!

Half-Marathon Training Update, Week 2

January 21, 2018

  Another week of training for the Tucson Women's Half Marathon is in the bag!
Total distance this week: 16 miles
Longest single run: 6 miles
Weeks left before half marathon: 6
I had a little partner on my run this morning, since he was up anyway.  We're weaning Earth from his pacifier and it was a rocky first night, so we gave up trying to sleep around 4am and he and I hit the trails.

Half Marathon Training Schedule

January 18, 2018

  A friend asked about my training schedule for the half-marathon I'll be doing and I thought I would share it here in case anyone was curious.  I found it on the internet and decided to use it because it worked with the training window I had and because I have established routes for all the weekday distances (which will make it easier for me mentally).
  After I started, another friend told me that the best way to scale up your running is to add 1/3 of a mile to your short runs and 1 mile to your long runs each week and happily, it looks like this schedule does that.
  I'm only a little over a week into training and my favorite days are already Monday and Tuesday- the two days I have off in a row!

Half Marathon Training Update, Week 1

January 14, 2018

I just finished my first week of training runs for the Tucson Women's Half Marathon!  I've been thinking about signing up for the run since I heard about  it a year ago and finally decided it was time.  I'm ready for a new challenge and excited to have something that I'm doing just for myself.
  Here's this week's stats:
Total distance this week: 15 miles
Longest single run: 5 miles
Weeks left before half marathon:7

A Visit from the Godparents

January 10, 2018

Our kids' godparents, their Auntie Mo and Uncle Paul still live in the Marshall Islands so when they told us they'd be in Texas and could stop by on their way back home, we jumped at the chance to spend a few days with them.

Water's First Day of Preschool

January 8, 2018

Water and his teacher, Miss K

Tinker Crate 1: Catapult Game

January 6, 2018

D's parents got Sky and Fire a subscription to Tinker Crate for Christmas.  I think these will be the perfect gift, especially for Sky, since she loves to build and invent things. 

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