A Night at the County Fair

April is county fair time here and we look forward to it every year.  I love this family tradition and it gets more and more fun every year as the kids get bigger and can do more.
 If this kid is anywhere near a horse, he wants to ride it.  Earth loves all animals but has a soft spot for horses.  He had a great time on this little pony and was so mad when the ride ended!

  The kids are finally big enough to take to the animal barns!  They are my favorite part of the fair but it hasn't been worth the hassle to take the kids in until now.  They loved seeing all the different animals and didn't want to leave the animal barns to go find dinner

 Did someone say dinner?

 Ride'em cowboy!

 After dinner we hit the rides.  Earth was finally big enough to ride some on his own and he and Water had a blast on the motorcycles

Sky and I rode the ferris wheel

and then Sky, Fire, and Water rode the little flume ride

Earth rode daddy and snacked at the same time

Sky, Fire, and Water rode the kids tilt-a-whirl

and then the slides

and then this poor girl had to ride the flying elephants all by herself (her brothers weren't big enough and Mama and Daddy were too big)

She was happier back on the ground with Earth as her backpack

D took Fire and Water on the Ferris wheel

 and then Water and Earth took the tractors out for a spin.

Sky had her traditional fair night Icee

and then Earth made it absolutely clear that it was time to go home!

Another fun night at the fair in the bag!  We had a great time and can't wait to go back next year.


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