March 31, 2013

  For some reason we haven't been able to put our finger on, this weekend was more of one to get through than one to enjoy, especially on Sunday.  I think all the Easter festivities just threw things off and we couldn't get them back on track.  We started things off on a good foot when we met friends at the beach for dinner.  We barbecued, chased toddlers, and watched the sunset, and everyone had a good time.
  Easter morning started really early because the sunrise service at the beach started at 6:30.  I wasn't going to buy the kids Easter baskets or lots of candy but I did buy us each one piece to have before church (candy before church, that might have been where we started going wrong...). The sunrise service was really nice and there were two baptisms afterward, which was nice because it gave us a chance to talk to Sky about her baptism.  After church we headed home for breakfast and found a surprise waiting for us:  Auntie Mo and Uncle Paul (Fire's godparents) had left the kids Easter baskets!  Sky's was a princess basket and Fire had a stuffed frog and bubbles in it. 
  The kids tore into their baskets, we had some breakfast, and then we settled in to watch Hotel Transylvania.  We all thought it was really funny but almost as soon as it was over, Sky started acting out and crying at every little thing.  Was it the candy (since we only let her have candy after dinner), or the movie (which are special treats at our house), or was she over tired (she growing right now and sleeping a lot)?  All of it?  None of it? 
  Things got a little better after the kids had their afternoon naps and the evening went well enough but it wasn't the day I'd hoped it would be.  I guess we live and learn and we'll try to do it better next time. 

Fire with the Easter Bunny at Sky's school

Sky with the Easter Bunny

Sky with her Easter egg before church

Fire got a Hershey's kiss and was more interested in the wrapper than the chocolate!

Easter baskets!

Her Higness wouldn't stay still for a picture for me
but she did try to put the cat in her Easter basket
Orange smiles!

While I Was On Majuro

March 28, 2013

  While Teshie and I were on Majuro, Sky and D had a fun weekend together at home.  They went to the beach twice, had lots of friends over to play, took long naps, and ate some Burger King.  They also played with their food: D saw these on the internet and made them for lunch one day.  He calls them "dog tails" and Sky loved them.


There you have it: spaghetti + hot dogs = fun!

A Long Weekend on Majuro

March 25, 2013

  I had the opportunity to spend some time on Majuro this last weekend and I jumped on it.  I was able to get a ticket with airline miles and Fire I flew off for a long weekend away from home.  Our friends had a room for us to stay in and since they work at the Diabetes Wellness Center, there were whole wheat banana pancakes with peanut butter for breakfast almost every day.  It was wonderful to get away for a little bit, especially with Fire.  He's changing from a baby into a little person more and more each day and I really enjoyed spending time with him. 
  While we were there, Fire got to spend time with his birth family and I caught up with my friends who are heading back to the states soon.  We heard a concert at the convention center, spent a day out on a small island off of Majuro, ate in restaurants, took naps and I got to read and watch television.  As D would say, it was the perfect trip because I was happy to leave and happy to come home. 
Fire loved playing with the pots and pans in this cabinet

Fire with my good friend Kathy
We stayed in the same room when we were in Majuro for Fire's adoption last year.  This chair, covered in a blanket and pulled up to the side of our bed was where he slept:
Same baby, same chair, 11 months later:
Greg and Kathy with some of the delicious food we had at Monica's
Kathy and I goofing around after dinner

Fire soaking up some sun out on outer island
Did you know that conchs really do sound like horns when you blow into them? 

There's my water baby!
These ladies work with Kathy at the Wellness Center and they did the cooking out on the island- the chicken they barbecued was so good!

I met these wonderful people at the restaurant at the MIR.  Mark and April were on Majuro to adopt Tess.  Congratulations again!