Household Goods Arrive!

October 28, 2020

 Between travel restrictions and government slowdowns, it took a long time for D's orders to come through.  Unfortunately, D's work group couldn't push back his start date which ended up leaving us with two weeks to arrange a move.  Thanks to some amazing friends, it all came together and our first shipment of house hold goods arrived the other day.  

An Afternoon at Camp Hamilton

October 20, 2020

Sunfish boats along the sea wall

Shaving Cream Social

October 18, 2020

The shaving cream social is a Kwaj tradition and I couldn't wait for the kids to participate.  Sky and Fire did it when we lived here before (2013, 20142015) but all the kids are old enough this time around. Let the messy fun begin!


October 16, 2020

Earth and his friend O had some time for a little free play at the pool before swimming lessons which meant that it was cannonball time!

Columbus Day Runabout

October 11, 2020

 Every year on the Kwaj, the Running Club hosts a half marathon on the Columbus Day holiday and D and I have done it (well, half of it) almost every year we lived here.  This year it was just me, no husband, no babies in jogging strollers, and I wasn't even sure I could run the whole thing since it's only been 10 weeks since my surgery. 
But I finished!  I ran the whole race and it felt great!

"The Clarinet Chose Me!"

October 10, 2020

 Band on Kwajalein starts in 5th grade and Sky is going to play the clarinet.  She had the sweetest story for me when I asked her how she settled on an instrument: she told me that her teacher had her try out several instruments and was thinking about the trumpet until she tried the clarinet. She said, "Mama, the clarinet picked me!" Apparently she was able to play it comfortably and loved the sound it made.  
  I'm so thankful that she's at a school that offers music programs like this and that Sky is taking full advantage of them.  I'm also thankful for those two years of violin lessons that she says I made her take!

Swimming Lessons

October 8, 2020

 It's time for swimming lessons again!

Puddle Jumping

October 7, 2020

 What to do with to cranky little boys on a rainy morning?  Take them puddle jumping!

Shopping Day on Ebeye

October 5, 2020

One morning this past weekend, I took Sky and friend shopping on Ebeye.

First Swim Meet

October 3, 2020

These three cuties had their first swim meet of the season this past weekend!

Fire's First Comic Book

October 2, 2020

 Fire is very creative and loves to read graphic novels so it's not a surprise that that's the medium he's using to express himself.  The other day he presented D and I with his first comic book:

Manit Day and a Trip to Ebeye

October 1, 2020

  Manit Day is the Marshallese holiday that celebrates the traditional culture of the islands.  There are big festivals on Ebeye and one on Kwajalein as well. 
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