New Year's Eve

December 31, 2019

 In the morning on New Year's Eve, D and I treated the kids to a cart ride out to the beach at Coral Sands. 

A Morning at Commander's Beach

December 28, 2019

   It was too windy and stormy to go to Emon Beach one morning so we grabbed our rain coats and headed over to Commander's Beach, one of Earth's favorite places on the island.  He loves to find shells and crabs there and to see what kind of fish have ended up in the pools if the tide is low enough.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

December 26, 2019

   We spent some part of every day at the beach and Christmas eve was no different!

Parade of Lights and Scuba Santa

December 23, 2019

  So much of Kwaj life revolves around the beach so just one night after the family arrived, we headed back there for the annual Parade of Lights and Scuba Santa event.

They're Here!

December 21, 2019

 Look who arrived on Kwaj today!!

Earth's School Christmas Party

December 18, 2019

   Me and my little Christmas tree

A Little Beach Time

December 11, 2019

 I don't think I'll ever get tired of this view!

School Pictures

December 10, 2019

Oh, how the kids have grown!  They all look so much older in the school pictures this year, and thanks to our unique situation, even Earth has a real school picture.

The Best Christmas Present

December 7, 2019

  Our family has been blessed with the most wonderful gift- the financial assistance needed for D and the kids to come to Kwajalein for Christmas!  They arrive on the 21st and can stay for almost two weeks.  Earth and I can't wait to see them and are counting down the days.
  For our family, home is when we're together so even though this paperwork process is keeping Earth and I here for now, soon we'll be home!

N600K Update

December 5, 2019

If this picture looks the same as the one in the last update I did, that's because nothing has changed.  I was able to call about a week ago and was told that Earth's case had been transferred to the Honolulu office on November 18th but that otherwise, they had no new information for me. 
  The last time we went through this process, the kids' cases were transferred in November as well and we had interviews by early February.  Of course, that was five years ago and there's no guarantee that things will be the same this time but as always, I'm hopeful.  (To see our timeline for our previous N600K process, click here)

A Day at the Beach

December 2, 2019

   The storms here finally passed and Earth and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the beach!
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