Goodbye Ebeye

July 19, 2020

   There they are, all the things that made up our life on Ebeye over the last year.  My friend Katie came over and we spend three hours packing- I think most of it was Earth's toys!  That boy came here with three matchbox cars and left with five boxes of toys.

Going forward

July 14, 2020

 Things are coming together for our family!  Earth and I will be flying back to America on July 22nd and then the whole family will be returning to the Marshall Islands in late August.  We are thrilled for the chance to be together as a family again and I think a few years on Kwajalein will be a lot fun for all of us. 
  Check back here on the blog to see how our whirlwind pack up in Arizona and mandatory three week quarantine back here in the Marshalls goes!


July 12, 2020

Earth has fallen in love with deep sea fishing, ever since my friend Rick took us out for the first time in October. He has a great time out on the boats and loves it when we catch fish. We've been out two or three times since Christmas and have been lucky enough to catch something each time.

We caught one yellow fin tuna and a bunch of skipjack when Earth's friend and his dad came out with us

USCIS is Hedging Their Bets

July 7, 2020

 In the last few weeks, the processing times for Earth's case has shot up to 47 months.  If I had to guess, they're anticipating not getting the funding from Congress to continue operating after August 3rd. 
  We've been in touch with our senator's office and have been told that Earth is in line for an interview but that there's no other information available.
  As always, we'll keep you posted

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