Last Day of School

May 25, 2018

Another school year, full of excitement, homework, learning, and growing has finished!  All the kids did great and are more than ready for summer break.

Kindergarten Show and Party

May 22, 2018

Fire had his Kindergarten show and party just a few days before school ended.  He was so excited to be wearing matching shirts with his class and to be on stage with them!

The End of the Baseball Season

May 16, 2018

Fire just finished his first season of coach-pitch baseball.  He had a great time playing and can't wait to do it again.  He learned so much in these last few months and really fell in love with baseball.  I'm so happy that he's found a sport that he enjoys and is good at.  Fire will be going to baseball day camp for a week this summer with friends and then we'll find another team for him next spring, since the rest of his team will be moving up to regular little league.

Meeting Their Heroes

May 12, 2018

The Tucson Children's Museum hosted a Super Hero night and all the boys were in heaven!  They're naturally pretty shy so it took a little bit for them to warm up seeing their actual heroes, right there in the museum..

Step one: make your big brother go with you and start with a little wave

Fire's 6th Family Day

May 7, 2018

Six years!  Fire has been home with us for six years!  This sweet, wild boy keeps life interesting and I'm so thankful for every high and low in those busy years.


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