Baby Update

February 28, 2011

  In case it hasn't made it around on the coconut wire yet, D and I won't be bringing Sky back to Kwaj next week. She's sick, not deathly ill or anything, but we need to get her treated before we can go to Kwaj. So we're running back to American medicine like scared bunnies. We should be back in the states by the end of the week.

First Days

February 25, 2011

  We had our court date yesterday. It went quite smoothly. It was all very professional, but there was a touch of humor in the courtroom.

  Prior to court, we met Heaven/Sky's father, Vinay. We really liked him, and promised to stay in touch. He may want to move back to Fiji in the future, which sounds like a great excuse for a vacation for us to take Sky to go see him. The next picture shows all of us, Vinay, Heaven's guardian Aunt, Agnes, and the rest. I know this is hard for everyone, but it all felt very amiable and desired...which was important to us.


February 23, 2011

Yes, the title is to be read in a teenage girl's voice. We just met Heaven. The CAA called and said do we want to meet her, ok then, we'll be over in 15 minutes.

She is just as adorable and beautiful as all the pictures! She loved the baby einstein octopus we selected to break the ice. She was curious about us, and not too afraid. We both got a chance to hold her and it went well.

With no further
Here she is first meeting us and Tako.

Made it to Majuro

Hey all,

Quick note: We are here! The lawyer is coming by, and we will be getting in touch with the Adoption Agency ladies soon. We like Majuro and are starting to think a bit about this being somewhat of a vacation, amongst the obvious reasons for our visit. Internet is ok, and perhaps not TOO expensive (better than the world class radar range where we live, certainly) so look on for upcoming pictures of KLC chicken, the lagoon, our room...oh, and maybe...SKY!

Wish us luck!

Ya feel lucky, punk?

February 11, 2011

The title of this post is what D calls this photo. Since we're so close to the adoption (less than 2 weeks!), I feel a little more comfortable posting pictures.

World, meet Sky:

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