Around Here Lately, in Pictures

May 20, 2016

  If Water and Earth wake up early, I'll sometimes take them for runs so that they can get a little bit more sleep.  It works like magic every time (and I get a little bit more workout from pushing them!)

Here We Go Again!

May 18, 2016

  We are diving back into the immigration and naturalization process with the USCIS.  We had a very straight-forward and successful process with Sky and Fire's naturalization using the N600K a few years ago (see this page for more information) but since we're living in the US now, things are a little different. 
  We've been given conflicting information from others in the process and from different people at the USCIS but we're going ahead with the process that was outlined for us just before we moved: enter the country on the RMI's Compact of Free Association's visa waiver, then apply for a change of status to legal resident using the I485.  Once Earth has legal residence here and has lived with us for two years, we'll file for naturalization using the N600. 
  I sent his first set of forms in this week and they've been received.  I'll share updates on our progress here as the process moves forward.  Wish us luck!!

The End of Kindergarten!

May 16, 2016

  Sky's almost done with Kindergarten!  This year has gone so fast and Sky has grown so much.  She was definitely ready for school and has hit her stride in it.  Her class had it's end of the year celebration today, with a program in the courtyard and and party in her classroom.  Sky made lots of good friends at her new school and loved her teacher, Ms H.  She's excited for the summer vacation (and sleeping in, since school start SO early here!) and is looking forward to first grade next year.
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