Home Made Valentines

January 27, 2021

 Yours truly completely forgot to buy boxes of Valentine's day cards for all the kids.  The mail has been super slow lately and by the time I realized that I'd forgotten, there was no way they would have gotten to Kwaj in time for the holiday.  I decided that we would make home made ones instead and set out to replicate the ones I made for Sky when she was little:

A Weekend on Roi

January 25, 2021

We have always loved Roi. It's where D and I lived when we first moved here so it has a special place in our hearts.  I had hoped to take the kids up there sooner but the flights always seemed full- because of the travel ban, Roi is the only vacation option for people on Kwaj and we never seemed to be able to get seats for six on the plane.  
  When some family friends said they were going up, it seemed like a great chance to head up there for a little get away.  We flew up on Saturday afternoon and back on Tuesday morning and the kids had a great time. 

All smiles to be back on a plane and heading somewhere new!


January 20, 2021

Earth was so happy that Water's new shoes matched his that he insisted I take a picture.  Water played it cool but I think he secretly liked twinning with Earth too.  These two used to be so inseparable but a year apart took a toll on their relationship so I'm glad they're reconnecting at least on little things like this.


First Swim Meet of the Season

January 19, 2021

Here we go, diving in to another swim season 

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