Kitchen Renovation: Finally Finished!

January 18, 2017

Our kitchen is finally done! 

Talking to Sky about Dr King and Race

January 16, 2017

  Sky has off of school today.   Unscheduled time and changes to her daily routine can be challenging for her so we try to talk about things like this ahead of time.  Being a very curious seven-year-old, she wanted to know why she had off of school so I her a little about Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.  How do you explain racism to a child who has equality ingrained in her heart?

Adoption Talk Topics #1: Introductions

January 12, 2017

  I'm going to try to keep up with the Adoption Talk Link Up this year and the first topic of the year is Introductions.  I've done a few of those here on the blog (how we got to the Marshall Islands, why we chose adoption, and 99 things about me) but my life has changed quite a bit since those were written.
(There is something photo-worthy about a popcorn bucket bigger than your head...)

Hiking in Madera Canyon

January 10, 2017

Sky has always loved hiking and her favorite place to do it around here is Madera Canyon.  It's a short drive away, tucked into the base of the beautiful Santa Rita Mountains.  We had rain around Christmas which meant that there was a bit of snow in the canyon!

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