Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from (mini) Marshmello!

and from

Water's favorite teacher and swim coach

Itachi (from Naruto),

and an angel.

Halloween this year was everything I hoped it would be for the kids.  Sky and Fire are old enough to go trick or treating with their friends so once we knew who they would be walking around with and made sure that they knew what time they needed to be home, they headed out.  Water and Earth aren't quite ready for that so they walked around with D and some of their friend's families.  Trick or treating here runs from 6:30 to 8:30 and all the kids were out for the entire time.  The evening ended with all our kids, and a bunch of others, watching Hotel Transylvania 3 and eating as much candy as they wanted. We couldn't have asked for a better Halloween.

Pumpkin follow-up:
A little while ago I posted about having a refrigerator full of pumpkins and guess what?
It worked!  All the pumpkins stayed fresh and were really easy to cut.  They didn't turn out instagram-perfect but the kids were all happy with how they turned out and they looked great along the road welcoming trick or treaters.  I love that the kids are big enough to have agency over their own creations and young enough that they don't care what anyone else thinks of them.


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