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  I occasionally receive emails asking how people can help those living in the Marshall Islands.  In response to one of those, I created Operation: Science Stuff to purchase science supplies for the high school on Gugeegue.  That project was successful and is wrapping up but there are many other needs here in the islands.
  One of the biggest problems here is diabetes.  White rice, introduced by the Japanese, is a staple of the Marshallese diet, and while it's relatively affordable and will keep a person's belly full, it doesn't provide many nutrients and contributes to the high incidence to type-2 diabetes here.  I've heard many people say, "Well, they (the Marshallese) just need to eat healthier.  Why don't they eat more vegetables?"
  There are so many factors that contribute to this including the high cost of canned vegetables (which aren't as healthy as fresh vegetables), the lack of space, fertilizer, water, and training to grow their own vegetables, and the fact vegetables aren't a part of the traditional diet here so not only do the people not have a taste for them, they don't know how to prepare them. 
  My family has been deeply affected by type-2 diabetes and it saddens me to think of how many other families stand to loose their loved ones because of this.  Currently, the main group working to address this epidemic is CanvasBack Missions:

This group works specifically in the Marshall Islands and the states of Micronesia.  They strive to provide medical care to both the outer islands and the more populous centers of Majuro and Ebeye.  They have a Diabetes Wellness Center on Majuro that D and I have visited many times and they're work has had a noticeable and positive impact on the people here.
Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Ships is extending it's mission to the Marshall Islands.  They are currently hosting teams to help with evangelism in the community, social justice education, and to provide basic medical care to the underserved populations on the outer islands.  They have a vision for the future to build a Discipleship Training School on Ebeye- a school to train and missionaries to go out in the world and reach others that will also offer other classes to benefit the rest of the community.  YWAM Ships has made a 10-year commitment to the Marshall Islands and are a recognized and trusted charity organization.
  A new option for making a difference in the Marshall Islands is the Ebeye student sponsorship program through the Protestant church on Kwajalein. There are over 2000 children there who can't go to school on Ebeye because the public schools are overcrowded and their families can't afford to send them to a private school, where tuition is between $60 and $100 a month.
   Giving a child access to education will change their future. All the schools teach English, which is required to get a job on Kwajalein. If a child can stay in school long enough to graduate from high school- a feat only managed by 50 students in the public school system last year- the pool of jobs available to them, both here, on Majuro, and in America. They may even have the opportunity to go to college.
If you would like more information about this great opportunity, please contact Cheryl Johnson at

The blue and white building is the Seventh Day Adventist Mission School, one of the schools that children will be sponsored to attend

A very bad picture of Ebeye Calvary School, another one of the sponsorship locations


  1. Hi Amber!
    I can't find any way to get up with you besides here, so hope you check this more than every couple weeks:)
    Our church has a big CDR(Christian Disaster Relief) and we were wanting to know how we can help on the islands in wake of the flooding?!! When working in international countries we usually work with a world wide organization like Operation Blessing etc. and in the past have done mostly gutting of houses and rebuilding. Is there plenty of help there already or can you give me name and number of someone to pass along to our coordinator? Thanks and hoping we can be of help to these dear people! Stephanie Nichols

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I'll send you a private email as well but I'm not really familiar with any organizations here that do relief work like that. I've emailed someone that I know in Majuro and if I hear of any opportunities, I"ll pass them along to you, but for now, the most I can say is to pray for families that were affected.
    All my best, Amber

  3. If you can send me any information on the help needed as the dry season approaches, I would be very grateful. I have family on Majuro and want to be sure they have drinkable water this year. Thank you. Sarahjane Dooley

  4. Hey! My name is Jaylene and I'm the Project Development Manager for Canvasback Missions - thanks so much for mentioning us on your page. Please feel free to forward anyone on to us that is interested in our work. Also, I see that you're on Kwaj - perhaps we'll cross paths in the future!

    1. Hi Jaylene! I'm so glad to share the wonderful work that Canvasback Missions is doing here in the Marshalls!
      I met a wonderful woman named Kathy Garvin about five years ago when she was on Ebeye helping with a dental mission. We connected instantly and have been friends since- check out the posts about bringing home our son Fire, she was an amazing help to us during our stay in Majuro and there are some pictures of her there.
      Jacque Spence and Janet Burky know me and I see them on the Ebeye ferry when they're working with teams out here.
      Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help facilitate your mission on Ebeye.

  5. Amber, Dooley and Steph, I respect and appreciate all your efforts to this country. I am a local and I am very moved to see your genuine act of kindness, simple as it may seem, yet, will forever go a long way...


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