New Kicks!

June 16, 2020

 Someone got new shoes today!

Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C

June 15, 2020

  For the last year, the word "plan" hasn't really been in our family's vocabulary.  We've had to roll with the punches as they came and hope and pray for the best.  Now, as we approach the one year anniversary of Earth and I's return to the Marshall Islands, we're starting to make a lot plans.  They all revolve around the whole family moving to Kwajalein because Earth's case has been delayed due to COVID19 - in January, D applied for and got a job working for the Army here on the base.  The application and deployment have been slowed by all the safety measures and interruptions that happening in everyone's lives right now and that leaves us with multiple paths for the near future.

N600K Update

June 12, 2020

  If this screen capture looks the same as the one I posted last month, it's because it is.  No changes to report on this end and no updates from our Senator's office.  It's not a big surprise since this case isn't any kind of emergency and since it's a naturalization rather than immigration, it will probably at the bottom of USCIS's priority list.

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