June 18, 2014

  Thanks for your patience, dear readers.  I wish I had more to post right now but this is a slow season of waiting in our lives right now.  We're waiting on paperwork for the adoption to proceed.  We're waiting on paperwork for the kids' citizenship to proceed.  We've got one other thing up our sleeve that could change everything for us but again, we're waiting for something to happen with that.
  Things just aren't exciting  here right now and as one of my favorite bloggers (Megan at has said that the hard thing about blogging is that when things are going well, you just don't have much to talk about.  Fire is happy.  Sky is happy.   D is happy.  A is anxious but happy.  That's great but it doesn't make for great blogging.
  More to come, hopefully soon.

Beach Surprise

June 16, 2014

  I got off work early the other evening and thought about taking some time for myself, maybe taking out the paddle board and doing some thinking.  In the end (and in part because the trailer that I needed for the board was at the kids' school and there was no way I could have picked it up without them seeing me!) I decided to surprise the kids with an afternoon at the beach.  Bathing suits, goggles, sunscreen, and floaties were tossed in the bike basket and I emailed D about my plans.  He thought it was a great idea and said that he would pick up some dinner on his way to meet us.
  There are so many things we love about Kwaj and this is one of the big ones!

Captain Underpants!

June 11, 2014

  So guess who's started potty training for real now, not just going a few times every now and then at school?  I was so surprised the morning that he chose to use the potty and wear underpants on his own, because for about two weeks before that, he'd run from the bathroom screaming, "No pie, no pie!"  And here he is, wearing underpants and coming home from school in the same pair that we sent him in.  I'm truly hoping it sticks.  We won't push him but it would be such a nice change from potty training Sky.  She, understandably, chose not to use the potty as a way to control her world- maybe we've gotten lucky and Fire is choosing the opposite. 
  I wish I could post a picture here of Fire in his little y-front Mickey Mouse underpants!  He is so cute it just about makes my heart explode. Unfortunately, the internet never forgets so you'll have to live with the picture above, taken while he was "reading".  One of the things I love about kids' transition to underpants is how much bigger it makes their pants- one minute you're squeezing to button them up and the next, they're hanging around their backside.
  Keep up the good work Fire, you'll get the hang of potty training soon enough!

Sleeping Arrangements

June 7, 2014

This is the most unique way I've ever found the kids sleeping together.  It looks like Fire had just enough energy to pull himself into Sky's bed before falling asleep.  D told me they were still sleeping this way when he woke them up in the morning!

Tactile Play Revisited

June 3, 2014

While Sky anxiety seems to have lessened lately, a teacher friend suggested I do some into sensory-seeking disorders to see if Sky might fall into one of those categories.  I have wondered about that before, since she has exhibited some sensory-seeking behaviors but when I reviewed the lists of diagnostic criteria online, she didn't match up with too many of them.  We're still going to keep up with more tactile activities around here though, since they seem to help her calm down and focus a bit more afterwards.

Surprise discovery: she loves to vacuum.  The vibration of the vacuum satisfies her tactile craving and of course, it's fun to see things get sucked up off the floor.

Beans in bowls: both kids thought this was fun and like burying and finding their dinosaurs.  Since this was our first time doing the activity, I did hide a small piece of candy in each their bowls to get them started!

And of course, Fire tried to eat the beans.
Goop again: They each got a big bowl of colored goop with spoons, cups, and measuring cups to play with it.  This was also a great activity for me, to practice my patience.  

Repeat after me: It will dry as a powder, it will dry as a powder...

okay, stepping in!
and back to resisting
And while the goop did dry as a powder and both kids loved this activity, it turns out that cornstarch doesn't come out of carpet that well.  Our next tactile activity: operating a carpet cleaner!

Flying Sky and a Fire Shark

June 1, 2014

I think that post title covers it!


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