Weekending, Halloween Style

October 30, 2017

It was getting close to Halloween and the kids still didn't have pumpkins to carve so when Sky's Saturday morning soccer game got rescheduled we decided to take advantage of the wide-open, beautiful day and head up to the pumpkin patch.
  We hit the corn maze first...

The Terrible Twos and a Threenager

October 24, 2017

Don't get me wrong, I love my boys and I love that I get to be home with them but let me tell you, having one in the terrible twos and a threenager home at the same time is tough on this mama!

A Little Bit of Everything in Pictures

October 21, 2017

None of these fit into a regular post but all of them are memories that I want to keep so here's one mixed up, random, mish-mash of our life, in pictures:

 I bought this antique rocker as a college graduation present to myself almost 20 years ago.  It's over 100 years old and has been out of commission while the seat was being repaired.  This little one is so happy to have our rocker back and it's his new favorite place to sit while we read books.

Fall Break, Fishing, and the Desert Museum

October 18, 2017

We survived Fall Break!  And not only are all of us still alive, we all still like each other!  I'm so surprised about that because I expected our week home together be a real challenge.  While it did have some rocky spots, I think our time together over the summer helped the kids know what to expect while they were out school.
  Schedules are important in our family and since we wouldn't have our usual one, I made up one just for the week.  On Monday, the kids slept in and we hit a playground with some friends,  On Tuesday Sky got to pick our activity, on Wednesday Fire chose, and on Thursday Earth got his turn to be in charge. We talked about what each child wanted to choose the week before so that everyone knew the plan and there weren't any surprises. I made arrangements for the kids favorite babysitters to come over later in the week and I planned a big day out at the Desert Museum for Friday.

 I didn't take too many pictures during the week but I got a few in front of the Children's Museum:

Referrals At Last!

October 15, 2017

These are some special papers, my friends!  These are the evaluation order and referral requests for Fire and Earth and I couldn't be happier to finally have them in my hands. 
  Fire has struggled with speech issues for years and although we finally saw some improvement during preschool, he never qualified for speech therapy like I hoped he would- his coping mechanisms were just too good and there were just too many other students that scored worse.  After years of "wait and see", his kindergarten teacher agrees with me that he needs some extra help and Fire will be evaluated again for speech therapy.  While the therapist was concerned that he would pass the tests again and she didn't want to test him into therapy, she seemed to think that he could benefit from her help.  It was the first meeting I've been to for Fire that I've felt like someone was taking my concerns seriously and it was so refreshing to be believed.
  Earth is Fire's full biological sibling so it's not surprising that he would have some language delays as well and because we're in America he was given referrals for audiology testing and a speech evaluation at his 2-year well-child visit.  Earth says just over 20 words regularly and isn't starting to make sentences yet (the norm for 2 year olds is 50 words and two-word sentences regularly).  While he's not screaming like Fire used to, he has terrible tantrums and I think if Earth were able to make himself understood better, that might improve. 
  I don't want to get too excited but these referrals make me feel so vindicated.  Mamas, if you think your child needs help, keep fighting for it!  You know your child best and don't let anyone else tell you that he or she is "fine" when you know they can be better than "fine" with some extra help.

Field Trip Days

October 13, 2017

  Arizona schools, I have a little tiny bone to pick with you!  Technically two, but I won't get into the fact that there's no art in the elementary schools right now.  My main issue since we moved here is the early release on Wednesdays.  Every Wednesday, Sky is home an hour earlier than she's used to and it throws her off.  Now, don't be reasonable and say that she should be used to that after having done it for the last year and a half!  Nope, every week, we confront this schedule change and while Sky is handling it better, it still needs to be handled. (For the record, Fire does just fine with getting off early once a week). 
  All last year, Sky did CrossFit with Coach Wayne on Wednesdays and the physical workout as well as the regular schedule really helped her to feel in control and we had a lot fewer behavior challenges.  We took the summer off from CrossFit but both Sky and Fire started going when school started in August.  Unfortunately, neither of them were enjoying it very much and it was getting to be a bit of a fight to get both of them there every Wednesday.  Since Sky doesn't need the strength training for gymnastics anymore and since she's in an amazingly good place right now behavior-wise, I decided to try something different: Field Trip Days.  Every Wednesday when the kids get off the bus, we go someplace.  The privilege of choosing our destination rotates through Sky, Fire, and Water.  Sky chose the Children's Museum for our first trip and for his first Field Trip Day, Fire chose to go to the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Earth Harmony Festival 2017

October 10, 2017

D and I are closet hippies, you could say.  We love farmer's markets, making most of our food from scratch, we were really conflicted about moving to the suburbs, and all our kids really are named after the four elements, so when I saw a flier for the Earth Harmony Festival I knew that we had to go.  D's not a big fan of camping but we thought it would be a fun family getaway so we loaded up the truck and headed down for the weekend.

  We got there early on Friday evening and set up camp

Decorating for Halloween

October 8, 2017

  It's silly (and I think I've said it here before) but I never really got a chance to decorate for the holidays when we lived on Kwajalein and it's something that I'm really enjoying being able to do now that we live in America.  I don't want to go over the top but I want the house to feel festive and I want the kids to remember that it was something that their mom did around the house when they were growing up.  Isn't it funny what little things can become important to us?!

 My front door sign, perfect for Halloween

The Importance of a Battle Plan

October 3, 2017

 No matter how great their smile is...

Sky and Soccer

October 1, 2017

Sky has a mixed relationship with soccer.  She played a few seasons when we lived on Kwaj but wasn't really into it when she played "real soccer".  I was skeptical when she asked to play this season but since her best friends are playing and their dad is the coach, she's doing great so far.
 The best part of soccer- snacks after the game!

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