Decorating for Halloween

  It's silly (and I think I've said it here before) but I never really got a chance to decorate for the holidays when we lived on Kwajalein and it's something that I'm really enjoying being able to do now that we live in America.  I don't want to go over the top but I want the house to feel festive and I want the kids to remember that it was something that their mom did around the house when they were growing up.  Isn't it funny what little things can become important to us?!

 My front door sign, perfect for Halloween

 I know the back-lighting makes them hard to see but I found a sweet string of jack-o-lantern lights and hung them in our front window.  We don't have anything for the front yard yet so having these lit up in the window is our one night-time Halloween decoration.

I took a page out of my Easter decorating playbook and hung these fun pumpkins from the light above our dinner table.

A longer view of our dining area and window seat, where I do most of the holiday decorating

My mom gave me this jack-o-lantern candy dish shortly after D and I got married and I think it's the one Halloween decoration we had on Kwajalein.  It's hard to see the face because somebody couldn't keep her hand out of the candy corn...okay, it was me!  I love candy corn!

A better, night time, view of our window decorations
The pumpkins and banner were craft projects made by the kids.  I found the kits at Michael's and they had a blast putting them together.  I love that Sky and Fire, and even Water with help, are getting old enough to make things like this and that they enjoy doing it.

  Once again, things are pretty simple.  I worry that if I put up too much, it will just be an invitation for Earth to tear it down and I don't want to spend all my time telling him not to touch things.  I think I've found a pretty good balance with what I we put up this year.  The kids keep asking for outdoor decorations so I might try to find something on sale after the holiday for next year.

Have you decorated for Halloween?  Do you go for fun, scary, or both?


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