A Little Bit of Everything in Pictures

None of these fit into a regular post but all of them are memories that I want to keep so here's one mixed up, random, mish-mash of our life, in pictures:

 I bought this antique rocker as a college graduation present to myself almost 20 years ago.  It's over 100 years old and has been out of commission while the seat was being repaired.  This little one is so happy to have our rocker back and it's his new favorite place to sit while we read books.

 Sky, Fire, and I got flu shots- look at that brave boy!

 It's cute because you can't hear it...

 Sky and I were feeling particularly pretty one Sunday morning and D took this great picture of us

 When you've had a really great day and ate all your dinner to boot, sometimes Mama will let you have the whole tub of ice cream to finish...

 In an effort to keep our grocery bill down (a necessity with four growing kids in the house), I participate in several food distribution programs.  One week, there were free flats of tomatoes so I spent a Saturday morning making and freezing sauce and salsa.  We'll have summer on our dinner table well into winter at our house!

 All four kids in one picture!

 Another try, this time with Earth in the picture for real

 D puts in long hours at work so one-on-one time with him is rare and special for the kids.  One afternoon during fall break, he came home early and Water was able to take a nap with him. 

 Fire is trying the new Boy Scouts program for Kindergartners and he loves it!  He is so proud to put on his uniform and go with D to the meetings every Monday.

  He's also become quite the artist lately.  Sky will always choose legos for her free play activity but all Fire wants to do is draw on his white board.  His fine motor skill have improved so much and I love how expressive and inventive his pictures are.  This one is of three robbers getting shocked by a laser beam (see their skeletons?).  What a special boy!


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