Sky and Soccer

Sky has a mixed relationship with soccer.  She played a few seasons when we lived on Kwaj but wasn't really into it when she played "real soccer".  I was skeptical when she asked to play this season but since her best friends are playing and their dad is the coach, she's doing great so far.
 The best part of soccer- snacks after the game!

 Sky's team had their first game this weekend and she did pretty well.  At this age, they're starting to enforce positions so she wasn't always sure when it was her turn for the ball, but when she knew she should go after it, she did great.

  Sky also had a turn as goalie and made a great stop!

Hopefully Sky's good attitude about soccer keeps up and the rest of the season goes this well.  I'm glad to be back out on the field cheering my girl on and love seeing her take on new challenges.


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