Water's Family Day

Water's Family Day fell on a Monday this year and we kept things quiet and low key.  We spent the morning at the park with friends and then had an easy afternoon at home.  Water request noodles for his special dinner so we ramen (Thai shrimp soup for D and I) and had ice cream and brownies for desert.  Nice and simple, nothing like his first family day: racing through the rain to make it to his court date and then worrying about all the rest of the things that needed to happen just right. Although I prayed hard and did everything I could to make it happen, I was terrified that something would go wrong.  In the end, everything went smoothly so that I cried with relief in the Seattle passport office.
  I can't say often enough how this boy is a light to our family.  He has a sweet and tender heart and loves so big.  We needed this boy in our family and are so blessed to have him.

D and Water, 2017

D and Water, 2016
(D was in Hawaii with the Sky and Fire when we had our court hearing and in the US for interviews in 2015)

Water and I, 2017
(apparently muscles are what we're doing for pictures this year!)




Happy Family Day, Water!  You make us better versions of ourselves and we couldn't love you more!


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