And Then All the Dominoes Fell

  I cried in the Seattle passport office on Friday morning when they told me that I would be able to pick up Water's passport today at 11.  I was in shock that everything had happened just the way it needed to so that we could go home- and not just go home, but go home on the same flight as D and the kids.  All the stress just fell away from me and I was so overcome with relief.  I cried again in the car when I looked at his passport with it's silly baby picture, real proof that Water is ours and we can go back to our lives on Kwaj with him.  This whole process had been blessed from the beginning and that passport to me is a physical manifestation of every one of those blessings.

Water and I with the judge after our adoption hearing.  It went so quickly that I didn't have time to take my sweater off!  I didn't know this before hand but our lawyer was able to arrange for a special session just for us- thank you so much Judge Weiss!


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