A Great Day in Seattle

  I have a weekened full of time to fill here in Seattle.  The weather has been awful lately (well, awful for me, probably perfectly normal for Seattle) but when I saw the blue sky out my window this morning, I decided to take full advantage of it and play tourist.  I found my way down to the Pike Place market and spent over an hour wandering the stalls.  I was so jealous of everyone who gets the opportunity to shop there regularly.  One of the things I miss most here on Kwaj is being able to buy fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables at a farmers market.  I did buy some delicious pepper jelly for D and was able share Water's adoption story with the ladies who ran the stall- seriously, if you know me, I will talk about adoption with anyone who ask (don't worry for Water or the others, I keep the details of their individual stories private).  I had a smoothie and scone while I wandered and when I wasn't ogling fresh produce, I occupied myself trying to guess who was a local and who was a tourist.

  From the market, I walked about two miles over to the Space Needle.  My dad took myself and my brother there when we were young but I hadn't been back in years.  In retrospect, I spent too more than I should have to see a view.  I'm glad I did it but I think it would have been more fun if I'd had someone to share it with. 

Looking west towards home

My sightseeing buddy

  Nutella gelato, yum!


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