OKC and A Bit More Sleep

  After the wedding in Amarillo and a great time visiting with all our family there, we loaded back up and started the drive back to Kansas.  Because Sky and Fire don't do well on long car drives, D found us an RV park on the edge of Oklahoma City, close to the science museum and the zoo. 
  Both kids were sad at having to leave their cousins and Sky kept asking where her friends were.  She was really disappointed that they didn't meet us in Oklahoma City and acted out because of it.  But we still managed have a great time at the science museum and the zoo with them. 

They had a great time at the science museum, even though they're a bit young for the science part.  They loved figuring out all the exhibitions and tried everything that was open.  The gymnastics area, the tree house, and the hall of mirrors were the biggest hits.

Riding miniature Segways

The hall of mirrors

Hurricane tunnel

  We don't have any pictures from our day at the zoo but it was a lot of fun too.  They have an amazing elephant area and the kids loved walking through the reptile house.  There's also a working carousel and both Sky and Fire loved riding on it and hated when the ride was over.
  At about this point in the trip we started to notice something wonderful happening: Water was sleeping longer and only waking up once in the night to eat.  D and I split the night into 4 hour shifts so that we can both get some sleep.  Water would either wake up once early in D's shift (10pm-2am) and then sleep until 5:30 or he would sleep from when we put him to bed around 9:30 until 3:30 in the morning.  It's been amazing to get those few extra hours of continuous sleep!  One of the things that's helped is practicing "the pause".  Water is a very active sleeper and will fuss loudly while he's stills sound asleep.  We've been waiting until he really signals us (with ridiculously cute snorts!) that he's hungry to get him out of bed to feed him.  He never fusses for more than a minute or two before he falls back to sleep if he's not ready to eat and it's been wonderful to wake up and realize that you've been sleeping for another hour after hearing the baby fuss.
   Fire didn't sleep through the night and would wake several times each night until he was almost one and I was worried we would have the same battles with Water.  I'm hopeful that this keeps up and that when we get back to Kwaj, we can move him towards sleeping through the night.


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