Jack's House

  "Jack house, mama?  Jack house?"  At least once a day, and usually more, that's the question that Fire keeps asking.  He asks it at home too.  Jack is a little boy just a year older than Sky.  He and his sister Hannah live up the alley and Fire and Hannah are in the same class at school.  Fire loves to go to their house to play.  I think it's mostly the toys- someone else's toys are always better than your own, aren't they? 
  Here on vacation, Fire's asking for "Jack house" is his way of saying that he wants to go home.  If you ask him directly if he wants to go to school, play with one of his friends, or go to the beach, you get an emphatic yes.  Fire is getting tired of being on vacation and wants the familiar.  He wants "Jack house".  Don't we all, buddy.


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