Topeka Splash Pad

  The kids adored splash pads when we were in Singapore earlier this year so we thought we would try one up in Topeka on afternoon after nap time. After an hour's drive, the park didn't look that impressive and I was worried that we'd wasted our time.  The splash pad was pretty small and there was a small playground next to it.  We got Sky and Fire changed and coaxed them out into the playground.  Not 10 minutes later, they had made friends with another brother and sister pair there and played with them for an hour.  Sky has had trouble making friends in the past, especially with complete strangers, so it made me so happy to see them having so much fun with these new friends. 
  As D reminded me, it's not the size of the playground (or splash pad) that determines how much fun can be had, it's the kids that are on it, and our kids had some great fun!


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