Court Date!

  We have a court date for Water's adoption finalization!  We'll go in front of a judge on the 25th.  Then things get a little crazy: our court date is first thing on the 25th, a Thursday.  Immediately after court finishes, I'll take the signed adoption decree and drive two hours south to Olympia to get Water's new birth certificates.  Then I need to drive two hours back to Seattle for our appointment at the Seattle passport agency the next morning.  We could use your prayers and good wishes because we would really like to get Water's new passport issued in two days- that's asking a lot especially because those two days are a Friday and a Monday, nobodies busiest work days.  I put my trust out there and bought tickets for us to fly back to Kwaj with the rest of the family (it would be best for all of us, Sky and Fire especially if we could all travel together).  That means that I need to pick up Water's passport first thing on the 30th because we fly to Honolulu at 2 that afternoon. 
  It all feels like a crazy run of dominoes.  If this happens, then this this can happen, and each thing needs to happen before we can get to the next one.  Think of us as we go through that crazy, stressful week.


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