In Which Grandpa Ken and the Paddle Board Agree to Disagree

August 30, 2013

   My dad wanted to try some new things while he was here and one of them was paddle boarding.  Since he lives in central Pennsylvania, it's not something that he's likely to get to do again, so when I had an afternoon off earlier this week, I offered to take him out to the beach and show him the ropes.  He had some trouble getting on the board but once he was sitting on it, he was able to stay on and paddle around for a bit in the shallows, until some boat wake came into shore and rolled him off.  My dad's not always good about trying things that are out of his comfort zone and that might be difficult for him, so I'm really proud of him for giving paddle boarding a try.


First Try:

Second Try:

Third Try:


 Fire loves the paddle board! When my dad finished on the board, we put Fire in his life jacket and D took him out for a ride.  Fire had so much fun that he cried and chased D along the beach when David dropped him off and went out for his own ride.
 If I can't paddle board, maybe I can snorkel?

Babies in Hats

August 28, 2013

There's just something special about wearing Daddy's hat. Fire and Sky are the same age (18 months) in these pictures. 

Dinner on the Beach

August 27, 2013

   For my dad's 65th birthday, we took him to the nicest restaurant on the island- we had a surf-and-turf dinner catered on the beach, just for us.  We drank wine, ate great food, had lots of good conversation, and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.   It started sprinking just after we finished our desert (strawberry cheesecake!) so we rode through the rain to the Ocean View Bar (also known as the Snake Pit) to have another drink by the ocean.   It was a great night all around!


August 26, 2013

   D, Ms Florina, and the kids met my plane when I flew in from Honolulu.  D had the big camera with him so he was able to get a bunch of great pictures, besides just capturing my homecoming.  Love, love, love my husband!

Waiting for Mama

 Ugly cry = so happy to be home

 Sky wanted to see her presents:
 a shirt from the Smithsonian
 and a new book
 Fire got a new backpack (he starts school soon!)

Oh, and my dad's here!  We flew in on the same plane and he's staying for two weeks.

New Posts!

August 25, 2013

Check out Amber On The Road for some new posts and pictures from my trip.

Surviving (cue Rocky Theme Song)

August 15, 2013

D here.  A has been gone over two weeks, spanning two weekends.  One week to go…

I just thought I’d drop a quick update for A’s readers.  We are…still alive…and kicking (hitting actually, in Fire’s case.)  All in all the time has gone by well.  I have a great network of friends and our Nanny is doing extra duty.  Sometimes it feels like I’m not single parenting it at all.  Other times…

I have had Ms Florina come in early to help me wrangle the kids.  She usually takes Fire while I try 9 different tactics to coax little misses Dilly-Dally to help me get her to school and myself to work.  (I suppose normally A has that job.  I used to think I have more patience for such, but apparently it was a function of lack of exposure.)
We’ve had several good dinners, either invites or arrangements to let me cook while guests watch the kids.  We have, and are continuing to, hit the beach.  We’ve done some parks/playgrounds.  We’ve watched a few more movies than we sometimes do, but we’ve seen less tv.  TV is a reward for rallying quickly in the morning.  Impossible goal when I sleep an extra 10 minutes.  We’ve instituted special "mommies gone treat" (“Sky, shhh,  don’t tell mommy”) of eating a dinner in front of a movie (Star Wars) once a week.
Sky complains some of monsters, which is typical of her when something is stressing or troubling her.  Previously, travel and Fire’s adoption.  Fire  went through some constipation coupled with Ms Florina favoritism and crying.  Still, Fire has recovered and daddy is super cool again, and Sky’s monster issues have been easily dispatched and are more often than not in a joking manor.  (She requests to sleep with princess monsters.)
The kids spent a day on Ebeye w/ Jima last Monday while I celebrated me time by trying to paddle board across the lagoon.  (ok, maybe just for about 1 to 1.5 hours, almost to the next island.)  They came back crazy as ever (Ebeye spins them up like it was Romper Room) but a friend and son helped me manage them on the boat ride.

My chief self evaluation of my fathering would be that I can be a very good dad…it’s just a question of how much of the time.  Fortunately, so far, most.  On the other hand two nights before I felt my patience was far below functional and last night was edgy.  Hopefully I will continue the upward trend and make this last home stretch.  I’m totally dropping it all in A lap as soon as she gets off the plane jet lagged ;p

Fire Memories

August 5, 2013

  A few things I want to make sure we remember about Fire, since this blog is a sort of family memory book:

  Fire has at least at least a dozen names and nicknames- it's a miracle he knows when to answer! His legal name is ---, he's called EJ on Ebeye, Teshie by the family and Ms Florina, and his school name will be ---. His nicknames include: Teshie, Teshie-pants, Teshie-no-pants, Tesharoo, and Teshtarosa. Eventually he'll tell us what he wants to be called just like Sky did and we'll go with that.

  Fire's first word: nin-nin. It means bottle in Marshallese (it's also the word for human milk delivery parts, which makes for a pretty funny joke sometimes).

  Fire is a morning person, unlike Sky. Because of this, we've been getting him up first and then letting him play while we get Sky up and dressed. The other morning Fire came into the bathroom while Sky was using the toilet, picked up her panties from her pile of clothes, and then held them up to her feet just like D and I do. When she said, "No, Fire!", he put the panties back in the pile and pulled out her shirt and held that up for her to put on. I think we're going to put him in charge of getting Sky ready in the morning, as soon as he learns to pick out her clothes!

New Travel Posts

August 4, 2013

New post at Amber on the Road
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