Fire Memories

  A few things I want to make sure we remember about Fire, since this blog is a sort of family memory book:

  Fire has at least at least a dozen names and nicknames- it's a miracle he knows when to answer! His legal name is ---, he's called EJ on Ebeye, Teshie by the family and Ms Florina, and his school name will be ---. His nicknames include: Teshie, Teshie-pants, Teshie-no-pants, Tesharoo, and Teshtarosa. Eventually he'll tell us what he wants to be called just like Sky did and we'll go with that.

  Fire's first word: nin-nin. It means bottle in Marshallese (it's also the word for human milk delivery parts, which makes for a pretty funny joke sometimes).

  Fire is a morning person, unlike Sky. Because of this, we've been getting him up first and then letting him play while we get Sky up and dressed. The other morning Fire came into the bathroom while Sky was using the toilet, picked up her panties from her pile of clothes, and then held them up to her feet just like D and I do. When she said, "No, Fire!", he put the panties back in the pile and pulled out her shirt and held that up for her to put on. I think we're going to put him in charge of getting Sky ready in the morning, as soon as he learns to pick out her clothes!


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