In Which Grandpa Ken and the Paddle Board Agree to Disagree

   My dad wanted to try some new things while he was here and one of them was paddle boarding.  Since he lives in central Pennsylvania, it's not something that he's likely to get to do again, so when I had an afternoon off earlier this week, I offered to take him out to the beach and show him the ropes.  He had some trouble getting on the board but once he was sitting on it, he was able to stay on and paddle around for a bit in the shallows, until some boat wake came into shore and rolled him off.  My dad's not always good about trying things that are out of his comfort zone and that might be difficult for him, so I'm really proud of him for giving paddle boarding a try.


First Try:

Second Try:

Third Try:


 Fire loves the paddle board! When my dad finished on the board, we put Fire in his life jacket and D took him out for a ride.  Fire had so much fun that he cried and chased D along the beach when David dropped him off and went out for his own ride.
 If I can't paddle board, maybe I can snorkel?


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