A Shout-Out to a Great Company

June 28, 2013

  About a month and a half ago, D bought me a stand-up paddle board from a friend of ours.  He was willing to sell us the paddle too, but it didn't meet D's standards for something that would last here.  D wanted something sturdy but adjustable, and definitely carbon fiber so that we wouldn't have to worry about rust.  Well, it turns out that there's lots of paddles like that but none of the companies that sell them were willing to ship to us.  Except for one little place in Austin, Texas: DickieBoards.  They make one board and one paddle, and after a few emails, they put a paddle in the mail for me.  It got here safe and sound two weeks ago and I've been using it every chance I get. 
  If you're looking for a new board or paddle, check out DickieBoards.  They're a good company making a good product, and I think you'll like their gear.


Swimming Lessons

June 27, 2013

Sky has been taking swimming lessons once a week from our friend Amy and she's been loving it.  Amy has five kids of her own and is a great swim coach- her daughter Annie swam for the Marshall Islands in the Olympics in London!  She's so patient with sky and Sky has learned so much from her.  Amy only had time to give her five lessons but Sky is so much more confident in the water now.  She can put her face in and blow bubbles, duck under the water to get something, and she can kick and paddle a little bit.  Best of all, she's just not scared of being in the water anymore.  She has so much more fun at the beach now.  Here's some pics from her last swimming lesson:
 Paparazzi-style through the fence.  We did drop-off style lessons so that Sky would learn that she could swim on her own- we didn't want her to think she could only do it if mommy or daddy were there.
And a few more after I snuck around the fence:

   Since the lessons were drop-offs, we had to find something to fill the 45 minutes that Sky was swimming for .  What to do, what to do?  I know, lets go play at the beach!

The Fish Was This Big!

June 26, 2013

  About a week ago Sunday, we were sitting on our friends back porch, shooting the breeze and watching all the kids play when someone called to say that we should come down to the marina.  He said that there was a giant fish there and that we should come and see it.  Since we weren't doing anything else and since there's so little happening on Kwaj that a giant fish at the marina is big news, we packed up all the kids, grabbed the cameras and headed down.
 How we roll on Kwaj

 They weren't kidding- that's a big fish!

The marlin weighed 492 pounds- 9 pounds short of the island record. 
Of course, we all had to have our pictures taken with it:
 Sky's BFF Jack and his dad
Apparently once they've been hanging for a while, gravity gets the best of them and their insides start falling out (eewww!)

Purpose and Without Mercy!

June 25, 2013

 See that little red onesie, just above the stuffed whale shark?  D and I bought that for my nephew R who was born while we were in Japan.
 And there's R in it.

 Sky's turn! 
(And as a side note, yes, she was actually that small when she came home to us!  It still amazes me.)
 Then my second nephew I wore it

And then it was Fire's turn.  He's wearing it as a shirt because he's so big it only come down to his waist!
There you have it, our babies:  Purpose and Without Mercy!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

June 22, 2013

  D and I had planned a nice, quiet summer here on Kwaj but it's not really turning out that way.  My brother and sister-in-law are coming with their kids to visit for three weeks and then I'm (hopefully) going back to the states for some training for my new job.  My dad will be flying out to see us the same day I fly back in from training and about a week after he leaves, D is flying to Maui for a short vacation.  Whew, so much for nice and quiet!
  Sky is doing great at her swimming lessons.  We decided to do drop-off style lessons so that she could learn what she could do on her own and their really paying off.  Her confidence in the water is growing by leaps and bounds. 
  Fire's favorite thing to do these days is walk, especially outside.  Any time that anyone heads for the back door, he's right behind them and then out on the street walking away.  We took a walk as family the other night, the three of us just trailing along behind him, and it was great.
  More pictures soon, I promise!

Reading. An extreme sport.

June 20, 2013

--D Post--

Sky is learning her numbers and some of her letters.  We're already working with her to just understand that those squiggles in books represent words.

While walking, Sky asked if a sign said "stop."  It was a red rectangle sign saying "No Electric Carts," and so I told her that.  I then picked her up and asked if she knew the first two letters.  We worked through 'N' and 'O' and I proceeded to try to get her to put the letters/sounds together to produce "no." 

I could tell it didn't crystallize, but continued the lesson.  I started to talk about the word "on" and its spelling.  Pretty soon we were ready for a practical demonstration.

Now Sky is hanging upside down in front of a sign reading the word "on."  Right side up, "no."  Upside down, "on."  Continue...

The lesson seemed a good one, and we hope it will contribute to that magical point when she can read.  In the meantime, learning is fun!

Bike Parking

June 13, 2013

   This is what D saw when he stopped by the Kwaj Lodge to return our room keys after our Roi trip:
 Here, let me zoom in on that sign for you:

That's so Kwaj!

A Weekend On Roi

June 12, 2013

We took the kids up to Roi last weekend for a quick get-away and it was wonderful.  The kids did great and D and I got to relax a bit.  Here's how our weekend looked:





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