Swimming Lessons

Sky has been taking swimming lessons once a week from our friend Amy and she's been loving it.  Amy has five kids of her own and is a great swim coach- her daughter Annie swam for the Marshall Islands in the Olympics in London!  She's so patient with sky and Sky has learned so much from her.  Amy only had time to give her five lessons but Sky is so much more confident in the water now.  She can put her face in and blow bubbles, duck under the water to get something, and she can kick and paddle a little bit.  Best of all, she's just not scared of being in the water anymore.  She has so much more fun at the beach now.  Here's some pics from her last swimming lesson:
 Paparazzi-style through the fence.  We did drop-off style lessons so that Sky would learn that she could swim on her own- we didn't want her to think she could only do it if mommy or daddy were there.
And a few more after I snuck around the fence:

   Since the lessons were drop-offs, we had to find something to fill the 45 minutes that Sky was swimming for .  What to do, what to do?  I know, lets go play at the beach!


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