Roi Reflections

   D and I are taking the kids up to Roi this weekend and we've been feeling kind of nostalgic about when we used to live there.  We loved living on Roi and made the most of it.  Here's a trip down Roi-memory lane:

 We lived in little studio apartments.
 We had time for hobbies
 and naps.
We went snorkeling

 and sailing.
 We had dinners on the beach
 and hung out at the bar.
    Like I said, we loved our life up there.  It was full and fun but now I look back on it and think that it was a bit boring too.  Nothing changed- it was the same fun every week.  I miss the control I had over my life back then but not enough to wish that my life were any different than it is now.  Good or bad, there's been nothing boring about our lives since Sky came home.


  1. Wow, Amber, thanks for sharing a glimpse of your tropical-island life with me...I have been reading your current and previous blog posts. Your children are sooo cute - and worth the chaos, disarray and lack of naps, hobbies and hanging out with friends. Like you, I sometimes miss the peace of life-before-kids but then my son kisses my jeans (he's too short to reach higher!) or my daughter grabs my hand at school - and it is all worth it. "Salad!" as Ciela says :)

  2. Wow. In discussion, I didn't miss it at all. But seeing those pictures!

    We had decorative stuff below 6'!


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