Reading. An extreme sport.

--D Post--

Sky is learning her numbers and some of her letters.  We're already working with her to just understand that those squiggles in books represent words.

While walking, Sky asked if a sign said "stop."  It was a red rectangle sign saying "No Electric Carts," and so I told her that.  I then picked her up and asked if she knew the first two letters.  We worked through 'N' and 'O' and I proceeded to try to get her to put the letters/sounds together to produce "no." 

I could tell it didn't crystallize, but continued the lesson.  I started to talk about the word "on" and its spelling.  Pretty soon we were ready for a practical demonstration.

Now Sky is hanging upside down in front of a sign reading the word "on."  Right side up, "no."  Upside down, "on."  Continue...

The lesson seemed a good one, and we hope it will contribute to that magical point when she can read.  In the meantime, learning is fun!


  1. Gym and reading all in the same class! But, wouldn't 'no' upside down be 'uo'?

    We started out with flashcards that I made. I put a lowercase letter on each one, and started with the vowels and some of the easy/easily distinguishable consonants. We'd flip thru the deck once or twice a day. I'd say the sound, then have the kid say the sound. It didn't take too long beffore they could sy them before I could! (Of course - do the short voel sound) Really helped them a lot.


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