My Support Group

April 26, 2012

  When my sister-in-law talks about her mommy group, I get jealous.  Once a month or so, she gets together with a group of women who had their babies at the same hospital she did around the same time that she had her son.  Their kids play together and they can talk about what they're going through, as women and as moms.  And I'm so jealous of that.  While I have lots of friends here; good, supportive, fun, wonderful friends, I don't have a support group of women in a similar place that I can poll for advice and laugh with.  So far, we're the only family on Kwaj that's gone through the new residential adoption process, so we're kind of the trailblazers.  It's nice to be able to give advice and information to other families that are considering adoption but we don't have anyone to turn to ourselves. 
  Because I tend to seek advice on everything, I turned to the internet for my support.  I sought out adoption websites and blogs to learn about other's experiences.  And I felt less alone after reading about their struggles and triumphs.   I'd love to have coffee with each and every one of these bloggers and maybe someday I'll be able to- I feel a connection with all of them.  If you're looking for a little slice of someone else's real life, I'd encourage you to check out these blogs:

A Brother for Lleyton... and a sister too!
(Matt is one of the only guy-bloggers I've found and I really enjoy his perspective on things)

God Thinks You're Wonderful
(Molly is inspirational!  Really, she inspires me to be a better person)

Our Mixed Blessings
(Great advice on toddler adoption and an insightful view on life)

The Sweetest Thing
(Another adoptive family living overseas)

The Unit
(Five kids and a sense of humor)

We, A Great Parade
(Shannon has great ideas on making your own everything and does great blog posts)

Who Let This Happen?

Journey to Baby Jones
(I found Chris's blog when I was first looking into Marshall Islands adoption)

(Andrea hasn't updated in a while but she's seriously funny and the one person on this list I will probably get to have coffee with!)

Millions of Miles
(If you haven't seen Megan's blog, you should check her out.  I mean it.  Her post today is right on)

A Pineapple and the Perfect Koozy

April 25, 2012

   Remember the pineapple we had growing in our yard?  Well, our neighbor gave us one that she grew: 

 It took a while to convince Sky that it wasn't play food!

We're Heading to Majuro!

April 24, 2012

  We got our court date today!  We leave for Majuro on the 30th and have our court date on May 4th.  Nine days until we're a party of 4!

Sometimes My Job is Pretty Cool

April 22, 2012

  The other day I had to do something for some reason and the particular timing meant that I got to ride in chopper.  This was only my second time riding in these new choppers and it was pretty neat.  I saw most of the atoll during the flight and was amazed all over again how lucky we are to live someplace so beautiful.


April 20, 2012

  On the adoption front:  Nothing.  We haven't heard anything from our lawyer in almost two weeks.  Part of that is because of a mis-communication between D and I: I thought he had sent in some paperwork and he thought I was going to do it.  We sent the lawyer the last of the necessary paperwork and haven't heard anything back.  Don't get me wrong, our lawyer is good at what he does and in the end, everything will work out fine, but he's lived on Majuro for about 30 years now and operates on island time.  I remember this lack of communication bothering me during Sky's adoption too.
  On the nanny front:  Things are going spectacularly!  Sky thinks my'nina (Ms Florina) is the greatest thing since sliced bread and has been asking for her when she's not there.  I think she loves the one-on-one attention that she gets and I'm pretty sure that Ms Florina gives her just about anything she asks for- and who wouldn't love that?  D and I are very happy with our decision to hire her.  We told her when she started not to do any cleaning around the house but she has been and let me tell you, it's been pretty great to come home and find the bathroom suddenly clean and all the dishes done.  We are very lucky to have her working for us. 

Getting Ready

April 18, 2012

   The other night I set up a changing table for Fire.  Since he's going to be sleeping in our room for a while, I squeezed it in between our dressers.  We never got a changing table for Sky because she was already so big when she came home that it was easier to change her on the floor, so that's what we did, with the changing pad in the picture below.  Since Fire is still a baby and will need a lot more changing, I thought it would be better to have the pad actually on something.  His changing table is actually two night stands from the furniture warehouse (I bet you were wondering how I managed to match our current furniture so well too!) stacked on top of each other. 

The Weekend That Came in Like a Lion and Went Out Like a Lamb

April 17, 2012

     Sky's been having a rough time lately and this past weekend was particularly... stormy.   We're putting it down to two-year molars, a new brother on the horizon, and oh yeah, being two.  The weather agreed with her temperament:  it rained off an on and was pretty grey most of the weekend.  We stayed home from church Sunday morning and watched a movie and then went stomping in puddles until lunch time.  We had been planning to go to the putt-putt golf event that the Kwaj Country Club puts on in the afternoon but Sky napped right through it, so we played outside (read: moved our temper-tantrums to the back porch) until dinner time.
   That night we went to our friend Anne's birthday party.  There was pizza, sangria, and great conversations.  Sky was on her best behavior and we all had a great time.  D volunteered to put Sky to bed so I got to go out to bar afterwards- and I stayed out until 10:30! 

 Anne, the birthday girl, and Sky

Getting Ready

April 14, 2012

 We getting ready to bring Fire home!

D was wondering if there might be a reason these two products come in similar containers?

Introducing Our Son

April 12, 2012

World, meet Fire

Easter Weekend

April 10, 2012

   We kept Easter pretty low-key at our house.  Sky is still too young to really understand any of it but I explained as much as I could.  We went to a sunrise service at the beach which was really nice.  There were three baptisms afterword in the lagoon and then we had potluck breakfast.  David and I set up a little egg hunt for Sky at the house after church and she had fun finding and opening the eggs but because she started acting out and not listening, she didn't get to eat any of her candy that day.   I ended up taking her to the park for an hour before her nap so she could run off some steam because she was ricocheting around the house like a pinball. 
  That afternoon I took Sky to the community Easter egg hunt, to get her out of the house bit (hoping it would distract her from that acting out that I mentioned earlier).  There was just enough activity to keep her distracted.  She wasn't very interested in picking up eggs from the field but she managed to get a few with candy and a few with prizes.  After the egg hunt, I took her over to see the Easter Bunny, who terrified her.  When we got to the front of the line and she got a good look at him, she screamed and grabbed my leg and refused to let go!   
  On Monday, I rode my racing bike and David ran (we're training for a triathlon) and we spent the rest of the morning hanging around the house-or in Sky's case, in time-out for not listening.  We headed to the beach after Sky's nap to meet our friend Neil.  Sky had fun riding on David's back and playing in the sand while we relaxed in the sun. 
  That night we had some friends over for dinner.  David made a curry and they brought salad and margaritas.  We talked and talked.  It was a wonderful way to end the weekend. 

The only pictures I took were of the community Easter egg hunt.  Sky wasn't sure what to make of the whole thing but she loved her new dress (size 3T already!) and had fun seeing her friends from school.

It's a Boy!

April 9, 2012

We just found out that our new baby is a boy!  He'll be two months old tomorrow.  No pictures yet and no other info.  D and I are still deciding on the his name.  We'll keep you posted!

In Print

April 8, 2012

Sky and D made the front cover of our island paper:

Why Adoption?

April 6, 2012

   On so many adoption blogs, you’ll read about adoption being a “Plan A” or a “Plan B”.   D and I didn’t have a plan A or B for growing our family, we had a PLAN.  D’s pretty big on these- shortly after we decided that what we had together was going to work for the long term, he told me that he had a FIVE YEAR PLAN and that getting married was the last step in it.  Well, we got married after three years and I think we should have kept that in mind when we came up with our PLAN.
  Let me lay it out for you:  We weren’t going to have any kids, just live our life for ourselves.  We were going to travel and work and travel and save up a whole lot of money somewhere in there.  Eventually, when we were heading towards 50, we’d come back to the States, get jobs that were both fun and satisfying but not demanding, and build our dream house.  Then maybe we’d start looking into becoming foster parents if we wanted more in our life. 
  Are you laughing yet?

What a Cutie!

April 4, 2012

Paging Dr A

April 3, 2012

   It's not a great picture but take a look at the little toe. Something is definitely wrong with it. D stubbed his toe on a chair the other night and the chair gave as good as it got. As bad as that toe looks, it actually looked worse before D had me set it for him. You read that right- I set a broken bone. I've never done it before, just read about it in books and watched it on TV once. I'm glad I started with a little and fairly insignificant bone too, because it was pretty unnerving! I held his foot still, got a good grip on his toe and pulled it out fast and hard. There was a popping sound and D said it felt better afterward. He's got it buddy-taped to the next toe and that's probably all we're going to about it.
   Dr A is now available for consultations! Just don't expect any more from me than we get from the hospital here (which is why I'm setting bones in the first place).

My Zen is All Gone

April 2, 2012

  Until 15 minutes ago, I was very zen about our adoption process (maybe resigned is a better word?).   We'd hear from the Agency sometime and when we did, it would be the right time.  Well, looks like we might be approaching the right time!   The word "soon" showed up twice in an email I just recieved which is really doesn't mean much in either adoption parlance or island time but soon is better than never.  We'll let you know more when we know more.  I'm off to go dance around and hug strangers!
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