On the adoption front:  Nothing.  We haven't heard anything from our lawyer in almost two weeks.  Part of that is because of a mis-communication between D and I: I thought he had sent in some paperwork and he thought I was going to do it.  We sent the lawyer the last of the necessary paperwork and haven't heard anything back.  Don't get me wrong, our lawyer is good at what he does and in the end, everything will work out fine, but he's lived on Majuro for about 30 years now and operates on island time.  I remember this lack of communication bothering me during Sky's adoption too.
  On the nanny front:  Things are going spectacularly!  Sky thinks my'nina (Ms Florina) is the greatest thing since sliced bread and has been asking for her when she's not there.  I think she loves the one-on-one attention that she gets and I'm pretty sure that Ms Florina gives her just about anything she asks for- and who wouldn't love that?  D and I are very happy with our decision to hire her.  We told her when she started not to do any cleaning around the house but she has been and let me tell you, it's been pretty great to come home and find the bathroom suddenly clean and all the dishes done.  We are very lucky to have her working for us. 

  On the potty training front:  Sky is trained pavlovian-style to "go" when she sits on the potty but still has trouble know when she needs to "go" and has yet to get #2 figured out.  Our biggest challenge lately has been getting her on the potty at all.  She's going through the stage where she turns into a limp noodle and cries at the littlest request right now and that's making potty training a bit of a challenge.  We've got plenty of time (Sky's only 2 1/2 right now) and she'll get the hang of it eventually.

I'll leave you with this wonderful photo of Sky with our friend Gene.  Gene lives up on Roi and is so great with Sky.  She loves playing with him and I think he has fun with her too!


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