Getting Ready

   The other night I set up a changing table for Fire.  Since he's going to be sleeping in our room for a while, I squeezed it in between our dressers.  We never got a changing table for Sky because she was already so big when she came home that it was easier to change her on the floor, so that's what we did, with the changing pad in the picture below.  Since Fire is still a baby and will need a lot more changing, I thought it would be better to have the pad actually on something.  His changing table is actually two night stands from the furniture warehouse (I bet you were wondering how I managed to match our current furniture so well too!) stacked on top of each other. 

 We've got diapers and wipes all ready for him:

These adorable little shoes were on sale

Because we know that he'll be between two and three months old when we bring him home, I didn't know what size of cloths to buy- 0 to 3m or 3 to 6m.  Since he'll be growing, I went with the 3 to 6m and asked another family on island if we could borrow their 0 to 3m clothes.  It's all washed, stacked and waiting for Fire!


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