Paging Dr A

April 3, 2012

   It's not a great picture but take a look at the little toe. Something is definitely wrong with it. D stubbed his toe on a chair the other night and the chair gave as good as it got. As bad as that toe looks, it actually looked worse before D had me set it for him. You read that right- I set a broken bone. I've never done it before, just read about it in books and watched it on TV once. I'm glad I started with a little and fairly insignificant bone too, because it was pretty unnerving! I held his foot still, got a good grip on his toe and pulled it out fast and hard. There was a popping sound and D said it felt better afterward. He's got it buddy-taped to the next toe and that's probably all we're going to about it.
   Dr A is now available for consultations! Just don't expect any more from me than we get from the hospital here (which is why I'm setting bones in the first place).

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