The Weekend That Came in Like a Lion and Went Out Like a Lamb

     Sky's been having a rough time lately and this past weekend was particularly... stormy.   We're putting it down to two-year molars, a new brother on the horizon, and oh yeah, being two.  The weather agreed with her temperament:  it rained off an on and was pretty grey most of the weekend.  We stayed home from church Sunday morning and watched a movie and then went stomping in puddles until lunch time.  We had been planning to go to the putt-putt golf event that the Kwaj Country Club puts on in the afternoon but Sky napped right through it, so we played outside (read: moved our temper-tantrums to the back porch) until dinner time.
   That night we went to our friend Anne's birthday party.  There was pizza, sangria, and great conversations.  Sky was on her best behavior and we all had a great time.  D volunteered to put Sky to bed so I got to go out to bar afterwards- and I stayed out until 10:30! 

 Anne, the birthday girl, and Sky

Me and Sky

    Monday was the roughest day of the weekend.  Every request was met by tears and tantrums.  We were forcing ourselves through it, chanting, "this will pass!" under our breaths as we tagged in and out until...

this arrived:

   My friend Brendan made it for Sky and asked if he could bring it over.  She loved it!  D and I do to- it's even more beautiful than the pictures conveys and it's super fun to play with.  Brendan swears he doesn't know what to do with kids but he and Sky have so much fun whenever he comes over.  He's her favorite "uncle" here.  Brendan stayed for dinner and kept Sky busy and laughing all evening.  It was a great finish to the weekend.


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