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  When my sister-in-law talks about her mommy group, I get jealous.  Once a month or so, she gets together with a group of women who had their babies at the same hospital she did around the same time that she had her son.  Their kids play together and they can talk about what they're going through, as women and as moms.  And I'm so jealous of that.  While I have lots of friends here; good, supportive, fun, wonderful friends, I don't have a support group of women in a similar place that I can poll for advice and laugh with.  So far, we're the only family on Kwaj that's gone through the new residential adoption process, so we're kind of the trailblazers.  It's nice to be able to give advice and information to other families that are considering adoption but we don't have anyone to turn to ourselves. 
  Because I tend to seek advice on everything, I turned to the internet for my support.  I sought out adoption websites and blogs to learn about other's experiences.  And I felt less alone after reading about their struggles and triumphs.   I'd love to have coffee with each and every one of these bloggers and maybe someday I'll be able to- I feel a connection with all of them.  If you're looking for a little slice of someone else's real life, I'd encourage you to check out these blogs:

A Brother for Lleyton... and a sister too!
(Matt is one of the only guy-bloggers I've found and I really enjoy his perspective on things)

God Thinks You're Wonderful
(Molly is inspirational!  Really, she inspires me to be a better person)

Our Mixed Blessings
(Great advice on toddler adoption and an insightful view on life)

The Sweetest Thing
(Another adoptive family living overseas)

The Unit
(Five kids and a sense of humor)

We, A Great Parade
(Shannon has great ideas on making your own everything and does great blog posts)

Who Let This Happen?

Journey to Baby Jones
(I found Chris's blog when I was first looking into Marshall Islands adoption)

(Andrea hasn't updated in a while but she's seriously funny and the one person on this list I will probably get to have coffee with!)

Millions of Miles
(If you haven't seen Megan's blog, you should check her out.  I mean it.  Her post today is right on)


  1. I'm famous! I'm famous! I've been recommend by a superawesome rockstar of a lady who lives an exotic, neato life. Holy cow!!!! This might be the best recommendation I've ever gotten. Feeling very inspired to get back to blogging, now. And, TOTALLY stoked at that promise for coffee together someday. Hoooray!! :)

    1. I hope'd you'd like that! And you'd better believe I'll be emailing you to get together next time we're in the states (which might be sooner than we want if things don't go smoothly next week!).


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