We Made it to Majuro

  We're in Majuro and we've made it through our first day here.  Nothing has happened and so much has happened today.  Where to start....
  We haven't met Fire yet.  We're hoping to meet him soon.  Today was a national holiday, Constitution Day, so it's not too surprising that we haven't heard from the adoption ladies today. When we went by our lawyer's office, he told us that the family hasn't been by to pick up the food coupons that we've been paying for- I hope there's a good reason for that and that the family gets them soon.
  We met another adopting family today- they're here to adopt their daughter's biological brother.  It was great to connect with another adoptive mom and to hear about their experience.  Their son J is almost 8 weeks old, so our sons are almost the same age.  It is amazing to think that our son will be as tiny as theirs is!  Sky had a great time playing with M and we're hoping to see a lot more of them while we're here.
  I think the biggest news of the day is that Sky's aunt Agnes came over tonight.  We had already put Sky to bed and were sitting out on the porch when we got a phone call from the front desk saying that Agnes was in the lobby.  Earlier, at the supermarket, we'd met a woman who recognized Sky and said that she would tell Agnes where we were staying.  Agnes said that she had been getting our letters and pictures which is wonderful.  We'd never heard back about them and I hated the thought that she might not know how Sky was doing.  Our talking woke Sky up so Agnes got to talk to her a little bit, even though she was pretty groggy.  The fireworks for Constitution Day started and we all watched them from our balcony and then we had to ask Agnes to leave so that we could put Sky back to sleep.  We told her that we'll be here most of the time and that we'd really love for her to see Sky again.  Hopefully she'll come back soon.
  Off to bed, more tomorrow, hopefully with pictures if I can remember to pull out the camera.


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