Fire Took Us for a Test Drive

   Fire's birth parents brought him over this morning and he stayed with us all afternoon. His birth mother's aunt speaks English and came with them to translate. She works with the adoption program and really helped things go smoothly. This morning we got his passport photo taken and then took everyone out for lunch. Fire's birth parents seem like really nice people and great parents. They were wonderful with Sky, which says a lot to me.
   This afternoon we got to know our boy a bit better. He's a great eater (7oz at a go!) and is already in 3m clothes. He's mellow and a good sleeper. We also found out what a great sleeper Sky is when Fire woke up hungry during her nap- she slept right through.
   Sky is having some trouble adjusting to being a big sister and alternates between wanting to help and being pretty bad (for example, she swallowed bubble wrap today rather than spit it out when we told her to. At least she's original in her badness.). I think once we have Fire with us all the time and she gets used to the situation, things will improve. I know it would be better if we were at home and she were someplace she was comfortable.
We have court tomorrow morning and then we start the documentation race to try and get everything processed and approved before our flight home next Saturday.

Here's some pictures my friend Kathy took on her iphone. We'll start posting more pictures once things settle down a bit.


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