I thought I'd start you off with a pretty picture of the outriggers that were sailing around the lagoon on Constititution Day.  D's hoping to make it over to the outrigger training center here (WAM) but we'll have to see how this week goes.
  Things are going pretty well here for us.  Fire is adjusting to us really well.  He had a rough afternoon and night the day after court but he's getting us broken in and we're figuring things out too.  He's eating lots and sleeps through most of the night.  The first night he only woke up twice and last night he only woke up once, and Sky has been sleeping through all of it.  D and I are pretty happy about that since sleep was one of our big worries going into this.  Medically, Fire is great.  He's 26.5 inches long and weighs 13lbs, 1oz.  He has some baby acne, as well as cradle cap and thrush, but nothing serious.  Overall, he's a happy, healthy, baby boy.

  Sky has her good times and bad times.  D took her to the pool for a few hours yesterday and she had a great time.  That combined with an evening with just Mommy and Daddy (our friends Kathy and Greg kept Fire for us) made for one happy girl and she was still in a good mood this morning.  She's been asking to go home for a few days now and today asked for the airplane- that girl misses her home and her routine!  Something that's really amazed me is how many people here on Majuro have recognized Sky.  At least one person every day has approached us and asked if she's Heaven (her birth name).  I know it's small island but it's been a year and she was only 14 months old when we left here.  Crazy. 
  We're still hoping to fly home on Saturday but we won't know anything for sure for another day or so.  I've submitted all the paperwork but it'll be tomorrow before anyone gets a chance to review it and start making approvals.
  I thought some of you might want to see our digs here at the MIR so here you go:

 Our kitchen- don't hate us but we even have a small stove top so that we can cook in our room!

 Sky's bed (also known as the love seat)

 I included this so that you could see where Fire is sleeping: in a blanket covered armchair.  It's good thing he's not much longer or he wouldn't fit.



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