Apparently Kwaj is Understimulating

  Because Sky is constantly overstimulated here.  I will say that she's been going through the terrible twos lately but this sudden onslaught of motion and people and tv and people and stuff! is really setting her off.  She is constantly headed in three directions at once, all while jumping on the bed.
  I'm sure there are a lot of factors adding to it: seeing Agnes, being back on Majuro, and being out of her routine probably aren't helping things but I think the quiet, slow life of Kwaj has handicapped her for this place.  I know how she feels.  We were in the grocery store at lunch time yesterday and I suddenly couldn't take it anymore.  D and I call it a "Polie moment", when you've just been away from everything for so long that you just go into sensory overload and start to freak out.  I just felt surrounded by people and covered by noise. I managed to hold it together enough to get out of the store but it was hard.
  I wish there were someplace we could take her to just run off the energy.  We did that in Bangkok and it really helped.  I think we're going out for dinner tonight but we might go out for a walk afterward just acclimate ourselves, and Sky, a little more to all this.


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