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  I think this is what's called a photo dump.  Sorry for mashing it all together but I wanted to make sure I got these pictures up before we get home and things get even crazier.  Enjoy!

One afternoon this week we walked over to Waan Aelon in Majol, also known asWAM.  They teach young Marshallese how to build and sail traditional Marshallese outriggers, as well as teaching them business and life skills.  We were able to get a ride on one of their outriggers.  If you're ever in Majuro and have the time, you should stop by- they're right next to the MIR.  The office staff even watched Fire and Sky for us and then gave Sky a ride when they were docking the boat.

 Traditional Marshallese outrigger with offset triangular sail

 Sky waiting on the dock while Mommy and Daddy sail away

 Sky getting a ride on the outrigger

D holding his two babies

Sky and her Mommy Agnes

Sky cuddling up with Fire

 D carrying both kids on the way to the Flame Tree

We went to Laura Beach today with another family that's here for an adoption.  We had a rental car and it was great to have that little bit of freedom for the day.  The weather was perfect and Sky had a great time playing in the water.  We had a picnic lunch and had a great time talking about families, adoption, and lots of  other things. 


  1. Can I ask why you decided to adopt children from Majuro? Does the agency pick kids from that island? Can you adopt from Ebeye?


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