How Are We Doing?

  I'm back at work part time and actually have a lot of work that I should be doing (why did every project become due while I was gone for three weeks?) so I'm going to blog instead.   "How are you doing" is the question we've been getting most often and the answer is usually somewhere between "Better" and "Really good".  The variation is mostly Sky-related: some days are better than others. 
  Sky has had a hard time accepting Fire and from everything we've read and been told, all her behaviors are completely normal.  I think that I'm actually having the hardest time with it because I wasn't expecting it.  We did everything we could to prepare her for the trip to Majuro and the new baby but I didn't really prepare myself to deal with bipolar toddler moods.  But it's getting better, and from what I've read, it's actually a good sign that Sky is having these problems because it means that she's really well attached to us. 
  It has really helped to be home and to get back to our old routine.  Sky thrives on a schedule and I think it reassures her that some things haven't changed.  I was off all last week to help get things in order and to spend specific time just with Sky and I think that helps to.  We've borrowed some books from school- the Mr Roger's book on new babies is THE BEST- and we go back and forth between treating Sky like a baby and treating her like a big girl, based on how she seems to be feeling at the time.  It's only really been about two weeks and I think things will keep getting better as time goes on.
  Fire is doing great.  He's still eating and sleeping really well and we think he's putting on a bit of weight already.  He's a very happy baby in general but will let you know if he's unhappy about something.
  D and I are doing okay- actually, we're doing really great.  Life is good for us right now.  And now, enough talking, time for pictures!

 Me, Sky, and Fire with Kathy and Greg Garvin before we headed to the airport.  Kathy and Greg are great friends and it was great to spend more time with them while were were in Majuro.

 "Feed me now!"

 Another one of our pineapples ripened while we were gone.  Yummy!

 Taking Fire for a walk before bed time

 Everybody's looking sharp for church

 This bouncy chair was a gift from a friend whose daughter had outgrown it and Fire thinks it's the best thing ever.  He could sit and look at the dangly toys for ages.

 The boy's passed out drunk already!  Just kidding- D's trying to pin the empty been on Fire doesn't fool anyone!

 Fire (being held by our friend Kim) and his girlfriend Elena.  Yes, they really are holding hands.

 Happy Mother's Day!

 That's my girl, always keeping it cool!

 Looks like Sky's baby doll has turned to the hard stuff to get through this transition...
(Sky was trying to feed her baby so she shoved it's face in the formula box)

 Why yes, my baby does have duck on his backside!

 Sky backpack- I wish, wish, wish we'd had this for Thailand.  If you plan to do a lot of walking with a toddler, get one of these.  They fit really comfortably and pack down small when you're not using it.

 Sky wanted to read to her brother

 Our yard, with all of D's plants

 Did I forget to mention that we got a kitten as well?
This is Escher:

 Daddy and Sky try out her Burger King toy
(I think D needs a trim, don't you?)

 Excercise time- Sky wanted in so she's laying on a blanket following the fish too

 And then she wants to be a big girl so she helps Daddy show Fire the fish

 I love this picture of D

 Hi Escher

 There's my big-eyed boy!

 Sky, in a baby moment, in Fire's stroller seat

 And then being a big girl and wanting to hold Fire

 I always think that Sky is so big but look at her hold him!  He weighs half of what she does and is only about 7 inches shorter.

My tired men


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Love the pics. Love that you got a kitten. Love it, love it, love it all. I'm soakin' it all up, and it's even more warm and glorious than the sunshine there could ever be. Congrats again!


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