Sky, Fire, Escher, and a Wookie

Sky is doing much better with Fire, and I think these two photos are my new favorites:

Escher loves Fire's moses basket and he doesn't care if Fire is already sleeping in it

think this picture is the best I've gotten of Fire's beautiful smile...
And what's that in Sky's hand? A wookie- thanks Uncle Brendan! Sky didn't know what a wookie was so we loaded up the first (fourth) Star Wars movie to show her. Sadly, she wasn't impressed. But it turns out that wookies are good cuddlers:

This was supposed to be a shot of Fire's new haircut until Escher jumped in- now it's a picture of our kitten chewing on our baby!

Like I said, Sky is getting along much better with Fire:
They play footsie,

she tickles him,

and helps feed him.

(I know I said those first pictures were my favorites but that last one cracks me up every time!)


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