An Afternoon at the Beach

   Last weekend we took the kids to the beach after nap time.  We hadn't been since we got back from Majuro and we had a great time.  As far as D or I know, this was Fire's first time in the water and he loved it!  Sky had a fun time playing in the water and with her sand toys.  She's getting more comfortable with being in the lagoon but still clings to us when the water gets deep.  Because it was Memorial weekend, the beach was full of families and we saw lots of our friends.  It was a really good time and we really need to get out there more often.  Here's a slice of our afternoon:

 I think we're going to see that look again when he's a teenager...

 Sky's ready to go swimming!

 Fire did great in the water!  He didn't love it but he didn't hate it either.  He just floated there, staring at D, taking it all in.

 Just chillin with my sunglasses on

 Sky drinking a tea half as big as she is

 Playing in a sand pit with one of her friends from school 


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