Getting This Train Back on Track

D has always called me "the cruise director" because I was the one that made all our plans. I would arrange our dinners with friends and our days out on boats, and make sure we weren't double booked. When Fire came along, that didn't change much but these days, I feel more like a train conductor, keeping my family train chugging along. It's a lot less glamorous and a lot more work. Maybe when things settle down a bit, we'll get back to cruising...
   In this post, I talked about the let-down after Fire's adoption and how I felt the need to change EVERYTHING in our lives because I was unhappy and needed an outlet for all the stress I couldn't put into the adoption any more. Since it's been a few weeks, I thought I would give you an update on the things I said I would try to change to deal with all that stress.
 - I wanted to move to a different house: Nope, we're staying put. We've to a fabulous back porch and we love our neighborhood. As far as cleaning goes, I've been trying to do more on the weekends rather than during the week and I've been trying to let a lot more go. A big help on the cleaning front has been the robo-vacuum that D bought us. Yup, we've got a Neato that cleans our floors every night. It is wonderful! We have tile floors and don't wear shoes in the house and after a few days, it just gets grimy. This little vacuum cleans while we're asleep at night so that our floors are ready for the next day when we wake up. Having the Neato has also gotten us to clean up a little more before we go to bed at night, so that there's nothing in its path. It's nice to have to do it, even though it takes a few more minutes, because it means the downstairs is cleaner for the next day.
-I wanted to move Sky back into school full time: We are going to be putting her back in full time. Even though she's doing a lot better as far as her attitude and behavior, we still think that the structure and guidance that the school provides is better for her. Florina still doesn't pay Sky the kind of attention that she's used to (not a problem but a cultural difference) and she's not teaching Sky Marshallese like we'd hoped. Sky's teachers (who are Marshallese) also think that it's more important for her to be in school now rather than for us to push Florina to teach her Marshallese. Making this change will mean cuts to my retirement savings but I think it'll be worth it and I'm looking forward to a happier, calmer Sky from it.
-I was worried about what Sky was eating for her lunches and snacks: I've been making her lunches and some snacks for two weeks now and it's working really great. I'm going to be doing a separate post on it so that it doesn't get lost in all this chatter.

So I guess you could say that we're doing better. Some days are hour by hour but one the whole, we're moving forward. As with everything, it takes time to get used to the new normal, and I think at four weeks in, we're moving in the right direction.


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