Just What We Needed

   I just want to give a big shout-out to our friend Karen.  We had plans to have dinner at our house this week and I was really looking forward to catching up but it was starting to look like things wouldn't work out.  David and I were both really tired (Fire hasn't been sleeping well) and were working long days.  When I emailed Karen about a change of plans, she said that she would be over around 5 to make us dinner.  Oh, how wonderful to have someone else cook for you!  She brought a bottle of red wine and had dinner ready when we got home.  We spent the evening just hanging out with a good friend, just talking about our lives.  We really needed that.

Fire started the evening off right by rolling over!
 You read that right- he rolled over!  See, I caught him in the act:

 Me with my big boy

 Karen taught Sky how to lick her fingers

Sky's scooter/skateboard came in that day and we spent most of the evening out on the porch while Sky played with her new toy

Karen and Fire

Awww, he's started sucking his thumb!


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