Picture Post

   We're just living our lives here these days so I don't have too much to post about but I thought I'd put up some pictures, since I know that's what you all come here for!  Enjoy!

Fire had his first playdate last week:
Yup, that's pretty much how it went!

I somehow managed to get myself and the kids dressed in three different,
non-coordinating patterns last Sunday:

Our good friend Kerri is PCSing (leaving Kwaj) so there was a fiesta-themed party for her last weekend

Josh brought the class:

Anne and Laura organized the party

Some of the decorations (those are tacos by the way!):

Every fiest-themed party needs a pinata...
 ...and a two-year-old trying to hit it!

Since we were all looking pretty nice, I thought we could finally try to get a new family picture. 
 Okay, here goes:

 I was looking the wrong way

 Sky's making a funny face and Fire's tummy is showing

 Sky's making an even funnier face and Fire is looking the wrong way

 There we go!  No one is looking but we're all laughing!

Sky has found the buttons on the bottom of the TV and our new kitten, Escher, has started climbing the speakers underneath it.  To fix both of these problems, D came up with this solution:
 We're nothing if not stylish here.

Me, with two sleeping babies

Sky rubbed her eye red last night and was demanding a band-aid, so I turned her into a pirate:

How does D relax after a stressful day parenting two small children? 
By building a lego R2-D2! 

Two babies + footy jammies+ our bed=  very cute

Escher slipped in to nap with Sky- that kitten loves her so much!


  1. Re: the TV.

    Step one: Get a box.
    Step two: Put a hole in the box...

    1. The extra special part: we'll always have our address handy in case we forget it!


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