A Little Good News

July 24, 2019

 You know how sometimes you start feeling down about things...

Operation Christmas Child Distribution

July 23, 2019

   My friend Katie is a missionary on Ebeye and they invited Earth and I to a distribution of boxes from Samaritan's Purse/ Operation Christmas Child. Since our family has packed boxes for Operation Christmas Child, I was really excited to see kids receiving them.

The Best Possible Worst Choice

July 21, 2019

  "I could never do that!" "What kind of person gives up their child" "How could they just give them away like that?!"  D and I have heard these sorts of things and worse since we brought Sky home.  My reaction has always been to say that I've been very blessed in my life to never need to make that kind of choice.  This left turn in our lives has made me think more about hard choices and what I would do for Earth if I had to.

An Apartment Update and a Beautiful Sunset

July 18, 2019

Our apartment at the Ebeye Wellness Center is almost done! This is the building we'll be living in and our apartment is the one on the third floor with the balcony towards the camera.  

This and That (Picture Post)

July 14, 2019

There hasn't been any progress on the job or the apartment yet but I know it will eventually all come together, meaning that Earth and I won't have quite as much free time as we do now.  We're making the most of Kwajalein while we're living here, hitting all the beaches and enjoying the laid-back lifestyle with our old friends.

Time Out

July 11, 2019

How do you explain a situation like this to a 3 year old? I've been struggling with that ever since D and I decided that Earth and I should make this trip.

Back on Kwajalein

July 10, 2019

  Earth and I are back on Kwajalein and it's really good to be back.  While I think it was really good for us to have some time with Earth's birth family, it was really hard for both of while we stayed in their house.  Believe me, the problem was definitely with us, not with them.

The Left Turn

July 9, 2019

  Not that long ago, I was having a heart-to-heart talk with D about how I was worried we were going to live in suburbia forever and never travel again. How my life was boring and everyday without much to look forward to.  As they say, be careful what you ask for...

Where We Find Ourselves

July 8, 2019

This is us at Christmas, before our lives hit a dead stop and then made a left turn.  Some of you may know already but for those of you who don't, I'll fill you in soon.  I've missed this space and am looking forward to sharing it with you again.  I wish it weren't under these circumstances but you can't always choose the direction life sends you in.
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